Racking Lighting

Warehouse Electrical Works

Starkey Electrical have been tasked with a new project!

Our team have been given a new project. Installing all of the electrical supplies required for a 240,000 sq ft warehouse in Leicestershire. Starkey Electrical have been given the opportunity to provide all of the electrical works needed to turn the warehouse in to a fully functioning chilled storage facility, as well as upgrading the office space, and installing Electric Vehicle Chargepoints.

The team have also established full internet capability to the entire warehouse, installing access points throughout to ensure that full logistical picking can be fully implemented to every sq ft of this 240,0000 sq ft warehouse.

Racking Lighting


Working alongside two other contractors, one constructing the Kingspan and the other setting up the racking, Starkey Electrical have made a start on installing over 200 light fittings. Our team have installed a dedicated panelboard to power the lighting, ran cables above the 12metre high Kingspan ceiling (neatly contained in cable tray, so that it looks good from every feasible angle), and have attached each light fitting to the Kingspan ceiling utilising a scissor lift for access.

The Kingspan will encompass two chilled sections, one at a cool 2 degrees and the other at a very chilly -2 degrees. All of the LED light fittings are fully IP rated and are designed to work in low temperatures such as this.

As the construction of the Kingspan progresses, the Starkey team will be lighting each of the completed sections. Following the construction workers along, allowing us to complete our work as soon as they’ve completed theirs.

Check back with us for further updates!