Stuart, Emma, and James jumping over fire!

Spartan Warriors!

Members of the Starkey Electrical team competed together in a Spartan Sprint.

As a team-building exercise, Team Starkey took part in a Spartan Sprint. A 5K race with 20 obstacles to overcome. We did wall climbs, rope climbs, spear throwing, crawled under barbed wire, traversed monkey bars, and a whole load of penalty burpees!

The team members that didn’t join the race were there to cheer us on! We’ll forgive them for the pizzas they ate while the rest of us were racing.

Even though it may not be your standard team-building exercise, it truly did help us bond. We helped each other, and made it through, as a team. (Apart from Dean, who ran ahead, because he wanted the glory for himself!)

I would not have made it through without Stuart’s much-needed help and assistance. I’m still both impressed and relieved that I survived. I wear my Spartan Warrior t-shirt with pride whenever I need to feel a little bit bad-ass.